5040-013-0003 Inductive Sensor EI1808PPCSL For Spreader XLS50 & XLS125

5040-013-0003 Inductive Sensor EI1808PPCSL For Spreader XLS50 & XLS125

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 5040-013-0003 Inductive Sensor EI1808PPCSL, Proximity Sensor, Capacitive sensor, Inductive Sensors For Spreader XL.Under strict quality control system, our factory is able to offer you low cost, timely delivery, quality guarantee, as well as...

Product Details

5040-013-0003 Inductive Sensor EI1808PPCSL For Spreader XLS50 & XLS125

Products details:

Part number: 5040-013-0003

Description: Inductive sensor EI1808PPCSL

Used for Cutter spreaders XLS50 & XLS125

Unit: EA

Item Type: Service Part

Type: Electrical

Covered by Service Contract: No

Weight: 0.067kg 

More information about parts:


Auto cutter spare parts

Place of origin

China mainland

Brand name


Parts used for

Auto cutter GTXL, XLC7000, Z7,GT7250,S7200, GT5250,S5200,

AP series, Spreader series

Payment terms

TT, Western union, Paypal,etc.

Delivery time

Within 24 Hours

Packing details



We can supply different cutter parts spare parts used for different industry machines.

Below are some of machine model parts we can supply:

1. VT FX72/FP72

2. ALYS 20/30/60/120/P2000/A0/A00

3. VT 2500/5000/7000/MP60/MP90

4. VT IX/Q25/IH5/Q50/Q80/IX8/IX6/IX9

5. VT M55/M55K/MH/MH8/M88K/MX/MX9


6. XLC7000/Z7/GT7250/S7200

7. GT5250/S5200

8. GTXL/DCS/GT1000/Taurus

9. AP100/320/INFINITY Plotter parts

10. SY51/SY100B/101/XLS50/125 Spreader parts


12. Bullmer spare parts, Kuris spare parts

Inductance sensor is the use of electromagnetic induction to the measured physical quantity such as displacement, pressure, flow, vibration into variation coefficient of self induction and mutual inductance coil, a circuit converts the change of voltage or current output, realize the conversion of non electricity to power.

Inductive sensor has the advantages of simple structure, fast dynamic response, easy to realize non-contact measurement and so on.

Especially suitable for acid, alkali, chloride, organic solvent, liquid ammonia, CO2, PVC powder, ash, oil-water interface level measurement, currently in metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industry, coal, cement, grain and other industry applications.

Company Profile and Service: 

Favorable Technology Co., Ltd is professionally manufacturing and distributing spare parts for plotter, spreader and cutter machines. Which are widely used in garment, underwear or auto car seat, furniture sofa industries.


Besides, Favorable Company is also re-selling second-hand used whole machines and spare parts like electronic boards, as well as provide regular maintenance service in China area.


Below spare parts are available at Favorable Company:

1.   XLC7000/Z7/GT7250/S7200

2.   GT5250/S5200

3.   GTXL/DCS/GT1000/Taurus 

4.   AP100/320/INFINITY Plotter parts

5.  SY51/SY100B/101/XLS50/125 Spreader parts


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