5240-078-0003 spreader spare parts for SY55

5240-078-0003 spreader spare parts for SY55

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 5240-078-0003 Replaced By 5240-078-0011 spreader spare parts, multi conductor cable. Under strict quality control system, our factory is able to offer you low cost, timely delivery, quality guarantee, as well as technical support.Please feel free to...

Product Details

5240-078-0003 spreader spare parts for SY55

Products details:

Part number: 5240-078-0003

Description: Replaced by 5240-078-0011

Used for Cutter Synchron 121 spreader™, Synchron 251 spreader™, Synchron 501 spreader™, Synchron 51 spreader™, Synchron 51 TT spreader™, Synchron 757 spreader™, Synchron 91 spreader™

Unit: EA

Item Type: Service Part

Covered by Service Contract: No

Weight: 0.363kg


More information about parts:


Auto cutter spare parts

Place of origin

China mainland

Brand name


Parts used for

Auto cutter GTXL, XLC7000,Z7,GT7250,S7200, GT5250,S5200,AP series, Spreader series

Payment terms

TT, Western union, Paypal,etc.

Delivery time

Within 24 Hours

Packing details



We can supply different cutter parts spare parts used for different industry machines.

Below are some of machine model parts we can supply:

1. VT FX72/FP72

2. ALYS 20/30/60/120/P2000/A0/A00

3. VT 2500/5000/7000/MP60/MP90

4. VT IX/Q25/IH5/Q50/Q80/IX8/IX6/IX9

5. VT M55/M55K/MH/MH8/M88K/MX/MX9


6. XLC7000/Z7/GT7250/S7200

7. GT5250/S5200

8. GTXL/DCS/GT1000/Taurus

9. AP100/320/INFINITY Plotter parts

10. SY51/SY100B/101/XLS50/125 Spreader parts


12. Bullmer spare parts, Kuris spare parts

Cable is the cable rope similar by a few or several sets of wires each at least two twisted the wire diameter, each insulated with each other, the entire outer covering layer of highly insulated bread. The wires which do not belong to the category of cables shall be classified according to other electric conductors.

The cable is an insulated conductor which is insulated with each other and is arranged in the sealing sheath.

A wire consisting of a metal that conducts electricity, covered with a layer of tin, antimony, and copper.

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