101-728-011 Stainless Steel Complete Bottom Knife

101-728-011 Stainless Steel Complete Bottom Knife

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 101-728-011 stainless steel complete bottom knife. Under strict quality control system, our factory is able to offer you low cost, timely delivery, quality guarantee, as well as technical support. Please...

Product Details

101-728-011 Stainless Steel Complete Bottom Knife

Products details:

Part number: 101-728-011

Description: Bottom knife - complete

Used for Cutter spreaders XY100

Unit: EA

Item Type: Consumable

Covered by Service Contract: No

Materialstainless steel

Type: Hardware

Weight: 0.161kg


More information about parts:


Auto cutter spare parts

Place   of origin

China mainland

Brand   name


Parts   used for

Auto cutter GTXL, XLC7000, Z7, GT7250,S7200, GT5250,S5200,

AP series, Spreader series

Payment   terms

TT, Western union, Paypal, ect.

Delivery   time

Within 24 Hours

Packing   details



First check the replacement tool, including: blade sharpening is sharp, blade whether there are cracks and broken edges and other destructive defects.

Then check the knife seat, including reference datum and the installation of new blade surface is adhered with debris and rust. If yes, please use the fine cloth clean the surface.

To the knife blade in the installation process, to get all the fixed bolt gently twist, prevents the blade from falling knife damage; and then use the torque wrench to tighten the special, in the middle of the bolt, then turn left / right side bolts alternately tighten.

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