85619000 Inner C Axis Assembly Spare Parts Used For Auto Cutter GTXL Cutter Machine

85619000 Inner C Axis Assembly Spare Parts Used For Auto Cutter GTXL Cutter Machine

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 85619000 inner c axis assembly spare parts used for auto cutter gtxl cutter machine. Under strict quality control system, our factory is able to offer you low cost, timely delivery, quality guarantee, as...

Product Details

85619000 Inner C Axis Assembly Spare Parts Used For Auto Cutter GTXL Cutter Machine

Products details:

Part number: 85619000 

Description:  Inner C Axis Assembly Spare Parts Used For Auto Cutter GTXL Cutter Machine

Used for industrial cutter machine, GTXL, Z7/XLC7000, GT7250, S7200, DCS  3500 Conveyorized, GT5250 cutter, 
 GTxL PARAGON LX cutter, PARAGON cutter,  S5200 cutter, XLc7000 cutter, Z1 cutter, Z7 cutter
 Type: Hardware, spare parts, cutter parts,  cutter machine parts, Inner C Axis Assembly.
 Hardware, Plotter Head Assembly, bearing
 Weight: 0.336kg

More information about parts:


Auto cutter spare parts

Place of origin

China mainland

Brand name


Parts used for

Auto cutter GTXL, XLC7000, Z7,GT7250,S7200, GT5250,S5200, DCS 2500, DCS 3500, AP series, Spreader series, PARAGON    LX cutter.

Payment terms

TT, Western union, Paypal, ect.


10.0000 pcs per month

Packing details

Sealed bag

We can supply different cutter parts spare parts used for different industry machines.
Below are some of machine model parts we can supply:

1. VT FX72/FP72
2. ALYS 20/30/60/120/P2000/A0/A00
3. VT 2500/5000/7000/MP60/MP90
4. VT IX/Q25/IH5/Q50/Q80/IX8/IX6/IX9
5. VT M55/M55K/MH/MH8/M88K/MX/MX9
6. XLC7000/Z7/GT7250/S7200
7. GT5250/S5200
8. GTXL/DCS/GT1000/Taurus
9. AP100/320/INFINITY Plotter parts
10. SY51/SY100B/101/XLS50/125 Spreader parts
12. Bullmer spare parts, Kuris spare parts

Company information:

FAVORABLE company supply many cutter spare  parts used for cutter machine, there cover many industrial such as apparel industrial, garment industrial, sewing machine. Textile machine and Car seat industrial. ect.


FAVORABLE company founded in 2002 located in DongGuan city, GuangDong province, China.

Main products is spare parts for different brand cutting machine. Especially suitable for Gerber, Lectra, Yin, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris and so on. (Notice: We don't have any relationship with above list companies)

Base on the same price, our quality is better than other supplier in the market. We also can provide the blades according to your customized. Welcome to contact us anytime.

Our below other products you may interest  as well:

Grinding stone, bristle block, blade  knives, motor, sharpening belt, Yoke and all other spare parts suitable for cutter  machine, other cutter model such as Yin, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris. Ect.

1. How about FAVORABLE'S capacity?
FAVORABLE company supply many spare parts  to many customer every day.

2. Something customized parts also can  supply? 
Yes, of course, we can supply any sizes  spare parts according to customers demand, we can negotiate together.

3.How about the trade terms?
Unit price is EXW term, and we always  charge shipment cost from customers, and arrange shipment via our DHL courier  agent, because the cost is cheaper, customer prefer to choose this term.

4. If the parts belong to dangerous goods,  how to ship?
We will check with our forwarder agent, if  ok, will check the cost to customers. If not, will be found other way to ship.

Our parts quality superior, cheap price, fast delivery, we promise you will feel that is late to cooperation with FAVORABLE!


Please kindly forward us your list of requirements and we will send you our SPECIAL price for the spares you require within 1-2 hours.

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